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Fifthline is a boutique full-service hybrid consulting firm comprising a tight-knit group of network strategists, enterprise developers, social media magicians, and communications experts


Fifthline uses battle-tested tactics and ancillary technology to scale client digital footprints where it matters. Our proprietary ‘GaaS’ (Growth-as-a-Service) methodology is a high-impact multichannel proliferation approach that starts with world-class information gathering. Once the theatre of operations is firmly understood, we strategize and create an implementation plan leveraging our ‘Agency & Awareness’ platform – Then we execute. 

  • Narratives are crafted, co-opted, or leveraged for virality.
  • OSINT monitors efficiency, sending alerts to operators in real-time. 
  • Operators use internal tools to monitor campaigns, guiding social sentiment within the project’s scope of operations.
  • Amplification team implements conversion plans.
  • Omnipresent, multichannel advertising funnels.
  • Iterate, adjust, grow


Artist Management

Fifthline specializes in full-service artist management and development, catering exclusively to a small, select stable of artists. Our meticulous approach ensures unparalleled attention and strategic guidance, tailored to navigate the intricate layers of the music industry. From enigmatic brand crafting and market positioning to tour management and complex contract negotiations, we refine every facet of an artist’s career. Our commitment to discretion and excellence empowers our chosen artists to achieve unparalleled heights in their artistic journey.

Corporate Intelligence 

Fifthline serves thorough, multi-source intelligence collection and analysis solutions giving companies a unique edge on competitors and potential partners. From advanced due diligence to tracing origins of hacks or reputation attacks – Fifthline keeps a close watch over our client’s best interests, wielding a custom suite of in-house tools made to monitor sentiment and mitigate unforeseen issues.

Investor Relations

Specialties: Mining, Technology, Medical (including Cannabis), Financial Technology, and Biotech. Fifthline is well informed of the progress and advancement within these industries, providing a fluency that helps articulate a company’s story intelligently to the demographic best suited for success.


Building a technology company is not Fithline’s objective – Our goal is to enable global presence and agency. The technology stack comprises:

  • A global listening network focused on themes, sentiments, and topics we are tracking.
  • Aggregated, social network hypergraph with proprietary NAI-driven data discovery.
  • Autonomous Narrative Agent (ANR) development and support.
  • Tools for operators.

Vancouver Island, Canada